D-Law Litigation Record Coverage Updates Online Legal Database For Civil/Criminal Records

    Litigation Records

    To bring our users an unrivalled research experience - we aim to update our database of new records on a daily basis and to continuously include those that precedes our existing entries.

    D-Law Litigation Records Coverage
    The Court of Final Appeal
    Final Appeal - Civil (FACV)
    Final Appeal - Criminal (FACC)
    Miscellaneous Proceedings - Civil (FAMV)
    Miscellaneous Proceedings - Criminal (FAMC)
    Miscellaneous Proceedings (FAMP)
    The Court of Appeal in the High Court
    Civil Appeal (CACV)
    Criminal Appeal (CACC)
    High Court
    Admiralty Action (HCAJ)
    Application to set aside a Statutory Demand - under Bankruptcy Ordinance (HCSD)
    Civil Action (HCA)
    Commercial Action (HCCL)
    Companies Winding-up Proceedings (HCCW)
    Constitutional and Administrative Law Proceedings (HCAL)
    Construction and Arbitration Proceedings (HCCT)
    Bankruptcy Proceedings (HCB)
    Bill of Sales Registration (HCBS)
    Bookdebt Registration (HCBD)
    High Court Bankruptcy Interim Order (HCBI)
    Miscellaneous Proceedings (HCMP)
    Personal Injuries Action (HCPI)
    Stop Notice (HCSN)
    Criminal Case (HCCC)
    District Court
    Civil Action (DCCJ)
    Distraint Case (DCDT)
    District Court Tax Claim (DCTC)
    Employee's Compensation Case (DCEC)
    Equal Opportunities Action (DCEO)
    Miscellaneous Proceedings (DCMP)
    Personal Injuries Action (DCPI)
    Criminal Case (DCCC)
    Lands Tribunal
    Part I Possession Application (LDPA)
    Part II Possession Application (LDPB)
    Part IV Possession Application (LDPD)
    Part V Possession Application (LDPE)
    New Tenancy Application (LDNT)
    Landlord & Tenant Appeal (LDLA)
    Rating Appeal (LDRA)
    Buildings Ordinance Application (LDBG)
    Government Rent Appeal (LDGA)
    Land Resumption Application (LDLR)
    Housing Ordinance Appeal (LDHA)
    Building Management Application (LDBM)
    Demolished Buildings Application (LDDB)
    Demolished Buildings Appeal (LDDA)
    MTR Ordinance Application (LDMT)
    Land Compulsory Sales Application (LDCS)
    Railways Ordinance Application (LDRW)
    Miscellaneous References Application (LDMR)
    Miscellaneous Proceedings Application (LDMP)
    Small Claims Tribunal Claim (SCTC)
    Magistrates' Courts (ES, KC, KT, TW, ST, FL, TM, WK)