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    At D-Law, we provide comprehensive yet user-friendly service solutions to assist law professionals conduct legal research more efficiently. With searchable access to over 2 million civil and criminal records from the courts of Hong Kong case, currently dating as far back to 1990 for civil records and 2005 for criminal records - finding the relevant data is more convenient than ever. More importantly, we achieve what will usually require a search in several destinations in a convenient one-stop-shop approach to save the user time and effort. Essentially, this means less time searching, and more time preparing cases.

    Additionally, our handy links to judiciary sources and hearing history features are aimed at keeping you informed of published and newly filed litigation records with chronological records of hearing dates scheduled together with any adjournments made.

    Research & Content Solutions

    To further enhance the research experience, our various search options and additional features are built to offer increased flexibility and speed when searching for results.

    For more details of our service scope, please visit our litigation record coverage page