Bankruptcy and winding up search service in Hong Kong

Reduce business risk by utilising business check service. Winding up search in D-Law acts as a trustworthy and efficient tool for inspecting company situation as well as assessing relevant credit risks.


The process by which a business is dissolved or ended by collecting all the assets of a company and selling them so as to pay the debts is known as liquidation or winding up of a company. After the debts are paid and all costs and expenses have been covered whatever remains is distributed between shareholders or partners. There are 2 ways in which winding up of a company can take place:bankruptcy records

1. Compulsory winding up: When a company is compulsorily wound up by the orders of the court, it is known as compulsory winding up of a company. This happens only when the court is satisfied that the company is not in the condition to get rid of all the debts. After the date of commencement the officers of the company have no more power to continue business and all the powers are transferred to the hands of the liquidator.

2. Voluntary winding up: When the creditors or shareholders of a company wish to dissolve the company or business themselves, it is known as voluntary winding up of a company. After the date of commencement the company cannot proceed with business, but the corporate powers rest in the hands of the company till it is entirely wound up but shares cannot be transferred without the consent of the liquidator.

There is a need to conduct winding up search so as to keep the business risks at a minimum. It is an efficient way to assess if there are any credit risks involved and have an overall insight of the company’s condition. D-Law aims to provide you the latest and precise information with the help of a well-experienced team by conducting winding up search proficiently.background check hongkong

This search confirms if any striking off, liquidation or winding up documents have been filed, whether the gazette contains the notices as this information is unapproachable when it comes to Companies House and it also gives pertinent copies of adverse entries if they were filed. So if you are dealing with a particular company you cannot afford to be unaware of its financial conditions for which you should know if there are any future risks of bankruptcy or liquidation to the company. It is paramount to conduct this winding up search since one careless and ignorant decision might lead to huge financial losses. It is better to be careful and make an alert and conscious decision rather than being reckless by saving time and money before a well-planned business deal and suffering the consequences search online

D-Law being a dependable and reliable source guarantees you a well-informed and detailed report after the winding up search and proper inspection of the target company is done in order to avoid being reckless and mitigate any chances of business risks. D-Law is an easily accessible platform which can be utilized to do a business check and ensure a safe and secure deal where the clients are satisfied with the decision they make and the deals they strike.

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In competitive and challenging business environments, any means of information which helps to reduce business risk is invaluable. In D-Law, we keep our clients ahead of the competition by providing solutions which help with the following:

  • Assess credit risk
  • Verify assets of an applicant
  • View full background information on a company as filed with the HK Companies Registry at the time of the case
  • Identify past and upcoming bankruptcies
  • Screen applicant against civil and/or criminal legal proceedings, financial distress, and multiple claim activity
  • Monitor new litigation records relating to individual or party names on the Watch List at no additional cost

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