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D-Law aims to offer professional service of company search in Hong Kong. Background check of potential business partners, properties and personnel can thus be readily available for further business decisions.


Background search or investigation basically refers to a procedure wherein an individual’s or organization’s criminal records, financial records and commercial records are looked up and compiled. It basically aims to find all this information about an individual or company before making a huge decision, such as employing a candidate for a job that has a high security risk or before making deals with companies to make sure that the decision does not lead to negative consequences.winding up of a company

Every organization needs to hire people for positions while keeping security risks to the organization to a minimum and safeguard it. If the hiring is done carelessly it might lead to a loss of important information as well as huge sums of money. Also, while making an important business deal, there is a need of background check of potential business partners, properties, if the company has some bankruptcy records etc. so as to be sure of deals and make wise decisions.

Background search Hong Kong aims to do just this and provide you all the necessary details about a company before you sign deals. D-Law offers a solution which enables you to manage and mitigate the security risk to your company. Also D-Law has one major objective and that is company search in Hong Kong, which would provide you all the necessary information about the company like: date on which company was incorporated, if the name was changed, then its history, office address and number that is registered, details about latest accounts and annual return, information about directors and other information like petitions, association articles and memorandum and so on.winding up search

It is paramount to conduct a background search in Hong Kong for several reasons. One major reason being checking the credibility or finding out whether the facts stated by the job candidate or company with which a business deal is being done are true or not. For example, the company might have been involved in some criminal activities and won’t tell you if not asked explicitly. In such cases it is better and safer to conduct this background search. This is done so as to not compromise with the safety and integrity of an organization and be assured that you are striking deals with the right companies and so that you are completely aware just in case the company has some criminal records or bankruptcy records.

It is extremely imperative that you know who you are dealing with when in the field of business. Company search in Hong Kong gives you access to some key information regarding the company which is stored in authorized databases. Mostly this information is free but not all of it might be valid. But using official and alternate search services you can get a fair idea about the company you are contracting. This information might also include the financial conditions of a company like notices about insolvency proceedings if any or bankruptcy records.

D-Law is a firm that performs background search in Honk Kong or any company search in Honk Kong and assures you of its credit worthiness and helps you make better decisions in business.legal research

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Our research and content solutions aim to offer more clarity on potential business partners, and properties as well as potential director-level employees. Prior to making any changes or commitment, assess financial and business integrity via our services

Obtain a clearer picture of potential business partners and properties by checking:

  • Credit-worthiness, debt and financial history of a business
  • Current and past legal proceedings
  • Company backgrounds, such as addresses, names of directors, shareholders, share structure, and value (as filed with the HK Companies Registry at the time of the case)
  • Company director(s) civil/criminal case record history
  • Litigation history attached to a particular property/address

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