Litigation Records

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D-Law Litigation Records Coverage
The Court of Final Appeal
  • Final Appeal - Civil (FACV)
  • Final Appeal - Criminal (FACC)
  • Miscellaneous Proceedings - Civil (FAMV)
  • Miscellaneous Proceedings - Criminal (FAMC)
  • Miscellaneous Proceedings (FAMP)
The Court of Appeal in the High Court
  • Civil Appeal (CACV)
  • Criminal Appeal (CACC)
High Court
  • Admiralty Action (HCAJ)
  • Application to set aside a Statutory Demand - under Bankruptcy Ordinance (HCSD)
  • Civil Action (HCA)
  • Commercial Action (HCCL)
  • Companies Winding-up Proceedings (HCCW)
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law Proceedings (HCAL)
  • Construction and Arbitration Proceedings (HCCT)
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings (HCB)
  • Bill of Sales Registration (HCBS)
  • Bookdebt Registration (HCBD)
  • High Court Bankruptcy Interim Order (HCBI)
  • Miscellaneous Proceedings (HCMP)
  • Personal Injuries Action (HCPI)
  • Criminal Case (HCCC)
  • Intellectual Property Case (HCIP)
District Court
  • Civil Action (DCCJ)
  • Distraint Case (DCDT)
  • District Court Tax Claim (DCTC)
  • Employee's Compensation Case (DCEC)
  • Equal Opportunities Action (DCEO)
  • Miscellaneous Proceedings (DCMP)
  • Personal Injuries Action (DCPI)
  • Criminal Case (DCCC)
Lands Tribunal
  • Part I Possession Application (LDPA)
  • Part II Possession Application (LDPB)
  • Part V Possession Application (LDPE)
  • New Tenancy Application (LDNT)
  • Landlord & Tenant Appeal (LDLA)
  • Rating Appeal (LDRA)
  • Buildings Ordinance Application (LDBG)
  • Government Rent Appeal (LDGA)
  • Land Resumption Application (LDLR)
  • Housing Ordinance Appeal (LDHA)
  • Building Management Application (LDBM)
  • Demolished Buildings Application (LDDB)
  • Demolished Buildings Appeal (LDDA)
  • MTR Ordinance Application (LDMT)
  • Land Compulsory Sales Application (LDCS)
  • Railways Ordinance Application (LDRW)
  • Miscellaneous References Application (LDMR)
  • Miscellaneous Proceedings Application (LDMP)
  • Labour Tribunal (LBTC)
  • Small Claims Tribunal Claim (SCTC)
  • Magistrates' Courts (ES, KC, KT, TW, ST, FL, TM, WK)