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D-Law is an all-rounded Hong Kong online legal search portal assisting law professionals to conduct legal research. The handy links to judiciary sources help to pinpoint results more efficiently and cost-effectively.


The procedure of recognizing and recovering information essential to sustain legal forming of decisions is referred to as legal research. It is initiated with a detailed examination and study of the facts of an issue and ends with finding its relevance and message of the results of this analysis.bankruptcy records

Legal research is used to:

1. Find the main source of authority or law in a particular jurisdiction.

2. To find background evidence relating to legal issues by doing a search of secondary authorities.

3. To find investigative information by searching for a source that is not legal.

Legal research is done by those who are in search of legal information. It can be explored in libraries, a number of free websites are available which allow legal search online, through a wide range of books etc. Legal research is an art lawyer should be familiar with regardless of what is their area of expertise and practice. It is essential to identify the issue for that the research to be effective.hong kong company search

Aims of legal research:

1. To find the right authorities that will assist in solving legal issues.

2. To simplify the law by studying it in reduced parts or in small separate sections.

3. To study different aspects of statutes and cases and blend it to form useful general rules.

4. To gain a better understanding of the subject when in an argument of finding different ways of performing tasks.winding up search

5. To make modules and books as study material for learners.

Legal search online portal or search engine helps legal professional like lawyers conduct legal research on a number of topics. They also have links to judiciary to pinpoint results proficiently as well as economically and also to do eco on iCal research. Legal research is needed to solve many cases like company law, bankruptcy, medical frauds, divorce, personal injury, property and so on and so forth. Legal search in Hong Kong is also needed to collect and compile all facts which D-Law as a firm does in the best way possible.

D-Law is an overall Honk Kong online legal search portal assist law professionals in every way possible to conduct research. It has amazing user-friendly search features also has a huge database as the support system. It allows the clients to find information from historical to the most recent cases of courts in Hong Kong. It helps to search about any court case wherein shareholders or directors of companies in Hong Kong are involved and also how frequently these cases were filed along with what kinds of claims were made. This firm’s special service ensures a proper legal research to help in making clear, valid and better decisions. It becomes convenient to find all relevant information by performing online legal research. It is a one-pause method to do legal search online saving time and effort. D-Law offers great speed and flexibility in performing this legal research and enhances the overall experience of the user.


At D-Law, we provide comprehensive yet user-friendly service solutions to assist law professionals conduct legal research more efficiently. With searchable access to over 3 million civil and criminal records from the courts of Hong Kong case, currently dating as far back to 1990 for civil records and 2005 for criminal records - finding the relevant data is more convenient than ever. More importantly, we achieve what will usually require a search in several destinations in a convenient one-stop-shop approach to save the user time and effort. Essentially, this means less time searching, and more time preparing cases.

Additionally, our handy links to judiciary sources and hearing history features are aimed at keeping you informed of published and newly filed litigation records with chronological records of hearing dates scheduled together with any adjournments made.

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