Bankruptcy records/winding up of a company search|D-Law

    Bankruptcy records/winding up of a company search|D-Law

    D-Law provides a evolutionary archive for the search of bankruptcy records and other situations such as winding up of a company. With over 2 million litigation records from courts, credibility can be easily evaluated.

    D-Law: winding up of a company search and Bankruptcy Records

    D-Law's services come from a web-based evolutionary work archive designed and catered for professionals in the legal, corporate, banking and financial industries.

    D-Law provides an evolutionary archive for the search of bankruptcy records and other situations such as winding up of a company. With more than 2 million court litigation records, credibility can be easily assessed. Litigation records are added daily to our constantly growing database and, through our easy-to-use search engine, our customers can stay connected efficiently to the most current and historical online case records.

    In D-Law, civil records are a simple log of the type and date of court cases filed as well as the parties involved, and are suitable for those who need to conduct a due diligence review or research. So whether you're conducting legal research, screening potential employees or identifying high-risk credit applicants - our specialized service solutions are aimed at making that decision better, clearer and more validated.

    Also, our criminal records provide a brief description of the parties involved, the court and the date of the first hearing and the nature of the case.

    By investing in innovative technologies that work with the requirements of the industry, D-Law provides quality solutions that aim to provide an evaluation experience and legal research without competition, personalized for the specific market that is efficient and easy to use.

    Some Key Features Of Our Offerings:

    Discover Connections with Related Case Search

    ?Link to related case search to quickly check if there are other civil and/or criminal cases filed

    Judgment Link

    ?The judgment link is designed to automatically track the new trial files posted on the Hong Kong Judiciary website

    Time Saving Company Abbreviations

    ?Unless you use exact search feature, D-Law will display the search results with all possible abbreviations.

    Effortless Monitoring with Watch List

    ?Receive alerts automatically whenever there are updates, movements and activities related to your Personalized Watch List.

    At D-Law, we keep our clients ahead of the competition by providing solutions which help with the following:

    Credit-worthiness, debt and financial history of a business

    Current and past legal proceedings

    Company background (as filed with the HK Companies Registry at the time of the case)

    Company director(s) civil/criminal case record history

    Identify past bankruptcy records and predicting upcoming bankruptcies

    Screen applicant against civil and/or criminal legal proceedings, financial distress, and multiple claim activity

    Litigation history attached to a particular property/address

    Monitor new litigation records relating to individual or party names on the Watch List at no additional cost

    Service Features

    User-friendly, Convenient and Time Saving Technology
    All Search
    Free text search
    Keywords (by company and/or individual and/or case number), e.g. ABC Limited, John Smith, HCA1234/2007
    Company Search
    Company name search
    "Exact Search" feature benefits - find more precise and useful results that contain the exact phrase you type in
    People Search
    Party (by last name and/or middle name and/or given name and/or Chinese name)
    Bankruptcy records search
    Company directors search
    Address Search
    Highly customized platform for address search
    Search options includes flat and/or floor and/or block and more
    Related Case Search
    Highlight key search fields such as party name or company name and link to Related Cases
    Should there be more litigation cases connected to the party in subject - a list of case records will be disclosed for review
    Feature benefits: conveniently view history and connections with less time and effort
    Hearing History
    Chronological records of hearing dates
    Obtain a clear and useful reference of the date each specific case was first filed, together with any adjournments thereafter
    Feature benefits: convenient, saves time and effort
    Company Information
    View full company details of all HK registered companies named as defendants in any civil action
    Link to company litigation records
    Full company details include (as filed with the HK Companies Registry at the time of the case): addresses, names of directors, shareholders, share structure, and value
    Feature benefits: comprehensive background review of companies with less time and effort
    Judgment Link
    Designed to automatically keep track of new judgment files published on the Hong Kong Judiciary website
    Users are given convenient and direct links to new judgment cases published
    Watch List
    Watch List acts as an warning tool and its main function is to continuously monitor on your behalf the chosen names on your Watch List. You will be notified by email when there is any new court record associated with your chosen data subject.